Singani Pharma’s Singanitropin 100IU vials available for sale in the USA is an anabolic human growth hormone (HGH) that stimulates muscular growth. This is a natural chemical that the human body produces to promote physical development.

Commonly known as Somatropin, this hormone is in charge of the development of children and teenagers into adults. However, the level of growth hormone in our bodies declines with age: after 30 years, it drops by 25% every ten years, reaching 25% of its initial level by the age of 60. According to some experts, if this level did not decline, individuals would live to be 140 years old, grow taller, and their muscular mass would be larger.

Human Growth Hormone 100IU for sale is used by athletes that use this synthetic growth hormone to increase muscle mass and performance.

Positive effects

Human Growth Hormone 100IU vials for sale contain various advantages:

  • The development of “dry” muscle definition is promoted;
  • It helps to maintain and repair muscle tissue;
  • Increased muscle mass even in the absence of physical activity;
  • It also encourages fat to be burned for energy;
  • In both hungry and full states, this growth hormone boosts fat burning.

Administering Singanitropin 100IU for sale

When this human growth hormone is used just for recuperation, 1-3 IU can be taken once a day.

Singani’s Singanitropin HGH at a higher average dose of 4-6IU is used daily for performance enhancement.

The average period of usage is 6–24 weeks, depending on the user’s objectives.

Singanitropin 100IU (Human Growth Hormone) 10IU injectable steroid vials by Singani Pharma are available to buy at low prices online with credit cards and shipped in the USA.


ヒト成長ホルモン(HGH) 100IU